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Generative AI for Beginners – A Course

Learn the fundamentals of building Generative AI applications with our 12-lesson comprehensive course by Microsoft Cloud Advocates. Each lesson covers a key aspect of Generative AI principles and application development. Throughout this course, you will be building your own Generative AI startup so you can get an understanding of what it takes to launch your ideas.

Day 1-2: Introduction to Generative AI (4 hours)

  • Overview of Generative AI
  • Scope & Applications in various industries
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning: Supervised vs. unsupervised learning
  • Basic concepts of neural networks

Day 3-5: Types of Generative Models (6 hours)

  • GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)
    • Architecture of GANs
    • Training GANs
    • Common challenges and solutions
  • VAEs (Variational Autoencoders)
    • Architecture and working principles
    • Training VAEs
    • Applications of VAEs

Day 6: Case Study – Implementing GANs and VAEs (2 hours)

  • Hands-on session with a simple GAN and VAE project

Day 7-9: Text Generation (6 hours)

  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Tokenization, embeddings, and language models
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for Text Generation
    • Basics of RNNs
    • Application in text generation
    • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks
  • Transformer Models for Text Generation
    • Understanding transformer architecture (e.g., GPT)
    • Fine-tuning pre-trained models for specific tasks

Day 10-11: Image Generation with GANs (4 hours)

  • Conditional GANs and applications in image synthesis
  • StyleGAN for high-quality image generation
  • Transfer Learning for Image Generation
    • Using pre-trained models
    • Fine-tuning and customization

Day 12: Advanced Generative Models (2 hours)

  • Deep reinforcement learning for generation
  • Adapting models for specific domains

Day 13: Doubt Clear (Free Hour)

Day 14-17: Project Development and Review (14 hours)

  • Project Kick-off and Planning
  • Mentor Teams present the progress and challenges faced
  • Projects and Review – Final project presentations and code reviews
  • Assessment Test – Online exam on the covered topics & Assessment of project work

Day 18: Evaluations Report (Free Hour)

This structured 40-hour course provides a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI, covering theoretical concepts, hands-on implementation, and real-world applications. The practical project work and assessments ensure participants are well-equipped for career opportunities in this dynamic field.


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